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In the Eyes of a Black Cat 黒猫の眼差し

In the Eyes of a Black Cat 黒猫の眼差し


A rookie police officer in charge of an inexplicable murder in a haunted apartment collects testimonies and evidence to crack the case.


Planning Intention

This is a visual novel which I created at school. The original plan was a mystery I wrote as a primary school student, and I remade it into a game scenario. In the original plan, I wrote the mystery without a definitive culprit or evidence. However, after rereading it later, I noticed that I had written only what I wanted to write based purely on my emotions.
When I had an opportunity to write a game scenario in class, I decided to base it off the mystery game that I had always liked. While keeping the original idea, I added the missing information and storyline and developed a complete story.

As a concept, I separated the story by each sentence. I also made it in a multi-episode format. For each episode, the players are expected to play according to inferences made from the information provided to them.






A rookie police officer (the protagonist) and hercolleagues head for the scene of a murder. 

The victim (Kizaki) had been strangled first, and then her abdomen had been stabbed many times in her apartment. Because there is no sign of struggle on the site, it seemed like the crime was committed by an acquaintance of the victim acquaintance. 

The police interview Miura, the first person who found the body, and find out that he is the victim’s ex-boyfriend. The police also find out that the victim had secretly kept a cat in her apartment without the landlord’s consent.

Next, the police knock on the landlord's door for questioning. Sakurada (the landlord), who suffers from hay fever, answers the door while scratching his arms. When asked about the alibi, Sakurada answers that he has never even entered the room.

The protagonist thinks that Miura who found the body is the prime suspect, however, a woman turns herself in unexpectedly. It’s Miura’s current girlfriend Nagamoto.

Nagamoto says that she stabbed the victim because she had a fight with the victim over Miura.

However, since there is no sign of fighting on the scene, the protagonist feels something is wrong. Also, the weapon which was used to strangle the victim has not yet been found.

Furthermore, according to a taxi driver who often drives in the neighborhood, the car radio would pick up noises of a woman and a cat around the apartment, but ceased to do so after the murder.

Based on the taxi driver’s statement, the protagonist suspects that the victim’s room was bugged but does not find any wiretapping devices. Instead, she notices that an extension cord is missing, judging from the position of the plug and theelectric appliances.

When interrogated by the police, Nagamoto confesses that she found the body before Miura did, and thought that Miura killed the victim. Nagamoto stabbed the victim to place the blame on herself.

The protagonist thinks that the real culprit is a person who could wiretap the victim’s room, and forcefully checks the landlord’s house and finds a broken extension cord and a bugging device on the table.

The landlord insists that he never entered the room, but the protagonist points out that he was scratching his arm because of a cat allergy, not hay fever.

After the protagonist finds some additional physical evidence, she arrests Sakurada.

















Characters(name, age, background)

●Police officers/detectives
-Mina Asakura – A police rookie and the only female officer in the Investigation Unit, Division 1. Age: Late twenties. Personality: Hot-blooded, but she tends to go around in circles with her emotions.

-Kengo Hayashida – A detective in Crime Squad Dept. 1. Personality: Gentle, but he changes completely when angry.

-Go Nikaido – Inspector in Investigation Unit, Division 1. His intimidating face gets him mistaken for a gangster. Personality: Experienced and composed. Unable to do any housework.

-Mika Kizaki – A 20-year-old woman with a calm atmosphere. She keeps a black cat called Shinobu.

-Koji Sakurada – Landlord of Mika Kizaki’s apartment. He’s in his thirties. Personality: Soft and emotional.

-Tetsu Miura – Mika Kizaki’s ex-boyfriend. The first person to find the victim’s body. Personality: Serious, but gets intimidated easily.

-Runa Nagamoto - Miura's current girlfriend. She’s in her twenties. Personality: Jealous and earnest.

● 刑事
 新人警官、捜査一課で、唯一の女警官二十代後半  性格:熱血で空回りするタイプ

 捜査一課の刑事 性格:穏便だが、怒らせると豹変する。

・二階堂 剛

・木崎 みか

・桜田 浩二

・三浦 哲

・永元 るな
  • Author


Shion Tsurumi
鶴見 詩音

Sophomore at the College of Digital Arts Tokyo / Scenario Dept

専門学校デジタルアーツ東京 2年 シナリオ専攻

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