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Holy Guardians: The Angels Protecting Earth ホーリー・ガーディアン ~地球を護りしテンシたち~

Holy Guardians: The Angels Protecting Earth ホーリー・ガーディアン ~地球を護りしテンシたち~


Devoid of memories, a man and a mechanical life-form fight against creatures from outer space.


Planning Intention

A sci-fi robot battle for robot fans.

The simple composition of story development centering around the concept of machines having consciousness and character relationships will culminate in an “invader versus earthling” theme with an angels-and-demons motif to further define it. This setup makes it easy for both viewers and players to get into the narrative.

For the animation, the angels and demons that appear would have connections with familiar characters from games and other forms of media, making them relatively to remember. From the robot story vantage, powerful battle scenes would also be easy to incorporate.
For the game, I’m considering using 3-D action for fun battle scenes or a story-based simulation RPG. In either case, the story would be the focal point, so the game itself would not be too difficult to play.





It is the year 2700. The human race is attacked by mysterious creatures from outer space determined to destroy the world. When even the most cutting-edge weapon technology proves no match for the aliens, the Worldmind partners with another life-form to create a powerful force—a mechanical being called Angel. The invading creatures are consequently named “Demons.” The result is a battle between angels and demons in a quest to protect Earth.

Five years pass since the invasion. Thanks to the Angels, humanity’s defense line extends to outer space as they continue fighting off the Demons. One day, a man and an Angel wake up somewhere in space. Their names are Luchard and Lucifer. Neither of them remembers anything but their names. They immediately join in a nearby battle. They are then invited to the battleship Unicorn, occupied by the force that attacked the Demons.

There, they find out that they were both supposed to have perished in a massive battle that took place five years ago. Who were they? They realize that the key to finding out the truth behind their identities was Satan, the highest-ranking Demon. Reunited with their former allies in Unicorn, the two fight demons and seek out Satan.

However, with no trace of Satan, all they can do is spend their days fighting Demons under orders from the top ranks. One day, they hear that Satan is hiding out somewhere on Earth. With help from the Unicorn team, the two head back down to Earth.

Where Satan was supposed to be hiding, they find a black Angel identical to Lucifer. Five years ago in a face-off, Satan had feigned his own death. In fact, he had taken over Lucifer’s body and was hiding in Earth in a particulate form until his wounds healed. Lucifer was stunned to discover that he was not the real Lucifer. Seeing Luchard trying to give a painless end to the original Lucifer rouses him. After a fierce battle, the black Lucifer AKA Satan is finally annihilated.






Characters(name, age, background)


Luchard Valkyrie
• This young man is the Angel Lucifer’s partner. He would have been 25 years old, but ever since the standoff with Satan five years ago, he hasn’t aged at all and his actual age is unknown. He is lighthearted and a mood-maker who jokes around a lot. He’s not too worried about his memory loss. Before he lost his memory, he was said to have a serious personality and didn’t even understand jokes.
• In the standoff with Satan, it was Luchard who protected the last remaining bits of Lucifer’s strength before he was captured by Satan. They were later rescued by the Worldmind. Unlike Lucifer, Luchard’s body was not found and he was deemed MIA. As Lucifer disintegrated and disappeared, it was assumed that the same had happened to Luchard.

• This Angel is Luchard’s partner. Although he has a mechanical body, he has the will and emotions of a conscious human and can even talk with animals. Personality-wise, he is serious and the complete opposite of Luchard. Before losing his memory, he was supposedly as carefree as a child. Their former teammates claim that it is like he and Luchard switched personalities.
• Lucifer is actually a copy. Before being absorbed by Satan, a part of his existence was rescued by the Worldmind and presented with a new body. However, just like Luchard, Lucifer was in an incomplete state. Then, an accident occurred on their way to being sent back to the world, which caused both the memory loss and personality switch. Luchard became lighthearted while Lucifer turned serious.
• Just like the other Angels, Lucifer’s body extends to about 15 meters and there is a cockpit in his abdomen for his partner to ride. Rather than being manipulated with a control stick, Lucifer’s body can be controlled by the movements of the rider, like in Mobile Fighter G Gundam. He can also act and fight without a partner, but that would cut down half of his strength. Just like the Gundam model Wing Gundam ZERO, Lucifer has wings on his back, befitting the title “Angel.” Angels can have varying types of wings and Lucifer has six altogether. (The inner wings on either side are small and fragile.)

(Angel Support Ship, Unicorn Crew Members)

Alicial Diety
• This woman is the captain of the Unicorn. She is 21 years old. Five years ago, she worked as Luchard’s subordinate, partnering with the Angel Uriel.
• Her pet name for Luchard is “Luch,” and she secretly had feelings for him. Traumatized by the shock of losing him, she stopped fighting with her Angel and entrusted Uriel with a junior member.
• As captain of the Unicorn Force, Alicial has a stern personality. Although Luchard calls her stubborn, she’s much more flexible and open-minded than Lucifer.
• Luchard affectionately calls her “Alish,” and she always rebukes him saying, “Don’t forget to add Captain.” However, since that’s what he used to call her before he lost his memory, it secretly makes her happy.

Uriel & Flan, Rafael & Mizuki, Metatron & Shiho
• The Angels and their partners in the Unicorn Force. Unlike Lucifer, the other Angels have four wings each.
• Uriel may be militant, but he is extremely thoughtful of his teammates. He uses masculine words but has a feminine voice. Flan is a sun-tanned 17-year-old girl. Energetic and friendly, she addresses Luchard and Alicial with respect.
• Rafael is a calm and brooding character. He has a masculine voice and personality. Mizuki is a tall, 26-year-old man. When he’s not fighting, he always dons glasses. He’s a gentleman and speaks politely with everyone.
• Metatron is not very talkative. When asked something, she only either affirms or denies it. Shiho is a petite 15-year-old girl. When she’s not fighting, she’s reclusive and quiet like Metatron. When she is fighting, she transforms into an energetic rock star. She collectively calls Luchard and Lucifer “the LuLu Comedic Duo” because of their funny exchanges.


• Among the Demons that attacked the Earth, Satan wields the most power.
• When he first appeared five years ago, he had horns on either side of his head, terrifying limbs, but a relatively humanoid form.
• In his face-off with Lucifer five years ago, he absorbed Lucifer just when he started disintegrating. He took control of Lucifer and continued to exist.
• Unlike the other Demons who only know how to destroy, Satan can communicate with Angels and humans with a telepathy-like power. He was only able to speak real words after taking on Lucifer’s form. Five years ago, when Luchard and Lucifer were fighting him, they were only able to sense his intentions of destroying the world through telepathic communication. However, they were not able to have an actual conversation with him.

Other Demons
• There are a variety of Demons, including low-level Demons that Angels can easily defeat without the help of a partner. Others are powerful and are called by code names like “Barbatos" and “Belial.”
• The low-level types are insect-like creatures, resembling the Vajra from Macross Frontier. Generally, humanoid forms with four limbs are the ones to be wary of and are given code names.
All Demons, including Satan, disintegrate and scatter when they are defeated. Even when a particular part of their body is damaged, the same effect can be seen on that body part. However, a Demon cannot be annihilated unless 70% of its body is damaged. They regenerate if they are not killed immediately.









  • Author


Takumi Makurazaki
真倉崎 拓己

OCA Osaka College of Design and IT
Manga, Animation, and Novel Department
Majoring in Light Novels & Story Writing


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