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Cyberbrain Alice 電脳×アリス

Cyberbrain Alice 電脳×アリス


A science student who has a cold outlook of the world transmigrates into a beautiful girl and solves the mystery of the Cyber Forest, saving the Cyber World.


Planning Intention

The theme of this work is “Love, absurdity, and salvation.”
Targeting teenagers who are part of the so-called “generation of the smartphone,” the concept I developed is the cyber version of the world in the timeless masterpiece Alice in Wonderland.
The objective was to make a refreshing story where the crazy, yet amicable characters disappear in conflicts but will be salvaged in the end.
In the real world, the protagonist is obsessed with deleting bugs, but in the cyber world, she faces the crisis of being treated as a bug herself. However, she notices that all characters are lovable and starts to take action to salvage all electronic data.
There are familiar characters such as the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, and the Cheshire Cat but I changed the feel of the story by making it more dark science fiction instead of fantasy. If I were to make a game, I’m thinking of introducing the function of cultivating an electronic forest by gathering and expanding AR data.



“Welcome to the Cyber Forest, my dear Alice.”

“Erase Alice. Erase her without a trace.”

“The place I was transferred... it was a forest of crazy electronic data.”

It is the year A.D. 20XX. The protagonist, a science student, is working hard as a super debugger for a game manufacturer. One day, he gets transferred to the Cyber Forest accidentally and transmigrates into a beautiful girl named Alice.

It is not a fun world. Two major groups are engaged in a bloody feud: “Queen” who try to destroy Alice as a bug and “Hatter” who try to collect Alice as rare data and expand their power.

In a world where all existence is treated as electronic data, the protagonist, who looks like a beautiful girl but is actually a game geek, tries to survive with the help of information from the Cheshire Cat.

However, he gradually realizes the secret of the Cyber World and eventually decides to save it.







Characters(name, age, background)

A male college student who works as a skilled debugger of a game manufacturer. He gets transferred to the Cyber World by accident and transmigrates into a beautiful girl called Alice. He is timid, but he has a high analytical ability which he gradually demonstrates.

<Supporting Characters>
The Mad Hatter: Head of the Hatter group who adores Alice. While he is abnormal, he is also noble and gentlemanly.
The Queen of Hearts: A ruthless queen who tries to delete Alice like a bug. She is both beautiful and talented, but she is actually a man dressed in women's clothes.

The Cheshire Cat: An informant who lives a freewheeling life. Although he isn’t interested in conflict, he recognizes Alice as a great toy and ostensibly looks after Alice as an adviser.

White Rabbit: The one who transferred Alice by accident. He is a former lover of the Queen of Hearts, but he’s running away from her relentless stalking. He looks like an innocent young man, but he has the charm to unconsciously manipulate the people around him.

The March Hare: The Mad Hatter’s subordinate. He’s cool and good-looking. He is secretly in love with the Queen of Hearts and willing to cross over to the queen’s side, but the Queen of Hearts has no interest in him at all.

Dee & Dum: Beautiful twin girls. They are cheerful but have a dark side as well. They usually work as receptionists of the Cyber Forest, but they also act as "Forest Idols." They often abandon their duties as receptionists and hold unconventional lives.








  • Author


Maon Mikazuki

Japan Game Scenario Writers Association (full member)
EdgeWORKS, Inc. (registered writer)
The OCA Osaka College of Design and IT (part-time instructor)
In charge of planning Oath in the Sacred Boundary (original title: Reikoi~ Kekkaideno Chikai) (GREE) which won an award at the 2013 Kochi Prefecture Social Game Plan Contest.

OCA大阪デザイン&IT専門学校 非常勤講師
2013年 高知県ソーシャルゲーム企画コンテスト入賞

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