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Hollywood Of The DEAD ハリウッド・オブ・ザ・デッド

Hollywood Of The DEAD ハリウッド・オブ・ザ・デッド


An aspiring actor’s dream comes true at a zombie attack in Hollywood.
The protagonist had always longed to become a film star. He is determined to survive an unprecedented zombie attack in Hollywood and fulfill his dream.


Planning Intention

This comedic zombie movie parody is a piece for movie lovers.

It features film actors who you normally wouldn't expect to turn into zombies to do just that.
The zombie actors attack while embodying their most memorable roles. For example, the Keanu Reeves zombie dodges bullets like Neo from The Matrix and the Hugh Jackman zombie has retractable claws and regenerative abilities like Wolverine from X-Men.

One entertaining part of the game is deciding which strategy to use to defeat each zombie actor. Would you smack the zombie in the head with a fire extinguisher, or take on the role of an actor yourself, using signature techniques like Jackie Chan’s Drunken Fist? Users can select their own techniques for the game.

In the game, defeating a zombie actor boosts the player’s acting ability. Better acting ability allows the player to do more difficult and flamboyant moves.

Also, because zombie movies usually have a comic relief, the inclusion of this kind of character for commentary will add a comedic element, saying things like, “I don’t like the looks of that shopping mall.”

Since this is one for the movie buffs, I want to put special care into the effects and camerawork for the videos in the animation and game. The visuals should constantly make players feel as if they are watching a movie.

Because the piece is set in Hollywood, it will also include famous sightseeing spots and souvenir shops. The game should be an open-world game like Marvel’s Spider-Man, recreating Hollywood in such a realistic way that players feel like they are actually exploring the town.

When the tourists become zombies, they will have skills related to cinematic themes from their home country. For example, zombie Indian tourists can have techniques from the movie Baahubali, while Chinese tourists would have skills from Enter the Dragon.

Weapons from the film industry are also integrated. Attackers can be pummeled with microphones and cameras or have their eyes blasted with lighting equipment. Players can avoid attacks by dressing up as zombies using special makeup. This further enhances the Hollywood vibes and gives a fun and unique spin to the traditional zombie game.

実際のハリウッドを舞台にしているので、観光名所やお土産屋さんも登場する。ゲームの場合Marvel‘s Spider Manのようにオープンワールドでハリウッドを再現し、実際にユーザーがハリウッドの街を探索しているかのようにする。


“It’s just like the movies!” The protagonist Almond wakes up in a hospital bed somewhere in Hollywood. Injured in an action movie stunt, he had been out of consciousness for a few days. The scene outside left him speechless. A heap of cars was left abandoned. The streets were speckled with blood and glass. It looked like there had been a riot. The people roaming the street stunned him the most—they were not alive. They were the walking dead.

Almond leaves the hospital room and is chased by a zombie. He uses crutches and scalpels to ward it off. Once more, he tries to confirm that this is really happening. Once he is outside, he gets attacked again by another zombie. However, this zombie was different from anything he had seen on TV. It launched sneak attacks. After fighting off the zombie, he noticed that it slightly resembled Bruce Willis from Die Hard with a Vengeance.

The world had become just like a movie, and as the last man standing, Almond felt like the main lead. He heads to the city and has a blast fighting off zombies.

Having dreamt of becoming a star, Almond could never leave Hollywood behind. He is joined by an android from the future that looks like Sylvester Stallone. The android explains the causes of the zombie outbreak and says that it is looking for something crucial to the development of a vaccine—Arnold Schwarzenegger's blood.

“Today, Schwarzenegger is going to die and you’re the only one that can save Hollywood.” says the android. These words spur Almond to go the underground shelter where Schwarzenegger and the other stars are hiding.

Almond and the android fight flocks of zombies and rescue Schwarzenegger.

All that’s left to do is escape from Hollywood, but before they can do that, they come face-to-face with the film director behind the riot. 

“I wanted to film a real zombie movie and I’ve been filming you since you left the hospital.” He exclaims as he unleashes a mass of zombie actors.

Almond fights the zombies, but he realizes that once it is over, he will stop being the star. Just then, the android delivers a blow that’s been hanging over his head.

“You don’t need to be the star of this stupid movie, be the star of your own life.” With that, the android self-destructs, taking the zombies with him. Almond is brought back to reality and defeats the director.

He makes his escape from Hollywood and uses this once-in-a-lifetime experience to become an action star.












Characters(name, age, background)

・Protagonist: Almond Schwarzenegger, Male, 19
Almond came to Hollywood in the hopes of becoming an actor. Schwarzenegger is his stage name, borrowed without the permission of the actual Arnold Schwarzenegger. It may be obvious, but Almond is a big fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger and it was the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day that inspired him to become an actor. He has seen all of Schwarzenegger’s movies and his favorites are The Last Stand and True Lies. Almond works out rigorously to maintain a muscular build and utilizes his fitness to become a stuntman appearing in a variety of films. However, his true desire is to be a star. He enjoys zombie films and his favorites are Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. His interest in the genre has him constantly thinking of strategies to fight zombies, making him well-prepared for a zombie attack.

・Android: Anti-zombie Stallone Version 7.2
Nicknamed “Nuts” because of his “nuts and bolts” anatomy, Anti-Zombie Stallone 7.2 comes from 30 years into the future to seek ingredients for a zombie virus drug. This android resembles Sylvester Stallone because its creator is a fan of Last Action Hero and The Terminator. It is a solar-powered robot with a Gatling gun for its right hand and a railgun for its left. Equipped with thermographic features and night vision mode, it can fight under the toughest of conditions. Since the android’s technology is far too advanced for the age its fighting in, it is set up with a self-destruction device that ensures no trace of itself is left behind after the mission is accomplished. For the game, the android encourages players and supports them through simple instructions like “destroy” or “stand by.” Additionally, it can also share visuals from thermographic or night mode.
It was created after the zombie attack and sent to the past in order to change the future. The android’s creator had discovered a damaged soldier android before the zombie attack took place. The zombie attack continued on into the future and the creator realized he could send to the android to the past before the riots. He then repaired the damaged android.

・Director: Robert Grace, 35
Robert Grace is a middle-aged film director. Despite working as director for ten years, he was unable to make a name for himself. He falls for a sham serum that purportedly induces talent but actually injects himself with a zombie virus. However, he chickens out before the whole vial is injected, making him into a half-zombie. He ends up with a live brain but a zombie body, making him practically immortal. Injected with the Steven Spielberg zombie virus, he's the only one the other zombies take instructions from. He plots to use the actor zombie virus to create a true-life movie masterpiece. The tentative title is Non-fiction of the Dead.

With the virus corroding and manipulating the brain, these zombies have no sense of self. Since the brain functions are controlled by the virus, the zombie dies when its head is crushed. These low-level zombies can be found everywhere.

・Zombie Actors
The zombie actors have inherited the appearance and abilities of particular actors through the zombie virus. Although they possess professional acting skills, they are actually ordinary people. Despite being stronger than the ordinary zombie, they also die when their heads are smashed. These zombies can be medium-level or high-level enemies.

・Zombie Virus
The zombie virus was created through a top-secret plan by the U.S. government. It was originally made to preserve talented genes. The government gathered DNA from actors, artists, athletes, and other talented individuals. The DNA was then studied and transferred to ordinary people with the hope of passing on select abilities. However, the cells went berserk. They started corroding and destroying the hosts’ cells.
The hosts lost all sense of self. Rather than gaining any special abilities, their bodies rotted away and they became zombies with voracious appetites.
However, some zombies did inherit talent. The abilities resonated with the hopes of the host and some developed gifts such as telekinesis or incredible speed. Although the probability of that happening was less than ten percent, these gifted zombies posed a clear threat.
The government tried to hide the research, but some individuals revolted and escaped with the data. Director Robert Grace disappeared shortly after he was injected with the virus.

・Arnold Schwarzenegger's blood
It is the strongest kind of human blood. The genes in Arnold Schwarzenegger's blood have antibodies for anything, making it an indestructible substance. These genes have the power to overtake any kind of DNA.
It is rumored that Schwarzenegger’s muscles are also a product of these unsurmountable genes.

・主人公:アーモンド・シュワルツェネッガー 男 19


・監督:ロバート・グレイス 35




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Hikari Daino
代野 光

OCA Osaka College of Design and IT
Game & CG Creator Department
Majoring in Game Planning


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