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Diaries of a Traveler 旅する日記帳

Diaries of a Traveler 旅する日記帳


The story is about a boy who loses his memory every night. He meets all kinds of people in his travels around the world and learns to come to terms with himself.


Planning Intention

In my sophomore year at university, I was thinking of ideas for a visual novel. Noting how much growth I had experienced over the year since entering university, I decided to use myself as a subject. I was influenced by novels I had read at the time and wanted to develop a story with a traveling protagonist.

The visual novel format would give players a chance to experience vivid landscapes and characters from be-witching imaginary lands from the protagonist’s point of view. I wanted the story to begin with the visual effect of pages of a diary turning over. With that in mind, I decided on this format for my story.




Village Home
The protagonist quietly spends his days with his childhood friend, until one day, he discovers the truth about his past from a visiting peddler. Unbeknownst to him, the protagonist had been losing his memories of each day at night,

a symptom from the traumatic shock of losing his parents. The villagers had been hiding this condition from him the whole time. To change himself, he sets off on a journey with a diary in hand.

The Land of Flowers
When the protagonist enters the Land of Flowers, the air is rife with rumors that the princess has gone missing. With thanksgiving celebrations at hand, the kingdom is bubbling with excitement. Here he meets a young girl longing to travel. Just as he is talking to her about his journey and memory, they are suddenly surrounded by guards. The girl turns out to be the missing princess. She had sneaked out to hand a flower of gratitude to one of her attendants. She also gives a flower to the protagonist. When the protagonist refuses, saying that he cannot accept a gift from a princess, she replies that gratitude goes beyond status or indebtedness. “I hope you have a chance to express gratitude to the people of your village one day,” she says to him before they part ways.

The Land of No Clocks
The protagonist hears about a land where the people are so happy, they never leave. He arrives to find the villagers’ faces brimming with smilesーthe rumors were true. Just as the protagonist lets his guard down, someone tries to steal his luggage, but a young man comes to his rescue. The protagonist learns about the land while on a stroll with the young man. Here, assault and theft are the norm. Rather than caging in their anger, the people unleash their fury on the spot. There’s no concept of time in the land and everyone exists in a state of ever-present happiness, hence the constant smiles on their faces. But regardless of that reasoning, the young man says how fun it is spending time with the protagonist. He says that since nothing except the present exists, the protagonist is sure not to lose his memory. However, the protagonist forgets everything right before the young man’s eyes.

The Land Touching the Sky
Here, the protagonist meets a trio of street performers. He decides to help them with a performance for just one day. Through his performance, the protagonist etches his existence into the memories of the audience. In the evening, he is requested to formally join the group, but he refuses. Although everyone remembers him, he himself forgets the events of the day. The protagonist tears up saying that he feels like he’s the only one left behind. The trio teaches him an expression that works like a magic spell for him.

The protagonist walks down the road leading back to his village after a long journey. His diary is full of stories. Although he doesn’t remember them, he feels like the journey has indeed changed him and he wishes to speak with his childhood friend. In his memory, only day had passed since they last met, but what he says to her attests to his long journey: “I missed you.”






「その国は幸せすぎて出られなくなる」そんな噂通り国民たちは笑っていた。そんな光景に安心した主人公は、荷物を盗まれたところを国の青年に助けられる。青年と歩く中で主人公は国の実態を知る。暴行や窃盗は日常茶飯事。国民は鬱憤をため込まずにその場で晴らす。時間という概念がないこの国は、常に“今の幸せ”を維持する。だからみな笑顔なのだ。しかしそんな理屈は関係なく主人公と居るのが楽しいと語る青年。時計がないから“今”しかないこの国ならあんたの記憶は消えないはずだ! と。しかし、主人公の記憶は彼の目の前で無慈悲に消えるのだった。





Characters(name, age, background)

● Protagonist
The protagonist is a humble and sincere young man. Ever since losing his parents, he has forgotten the events of each day. He sets off on a journey to change himself. During his travels, he encounters motley characters and jots it down in his journal. By reading his journal every morning, he finds out that he is trav-eling.

● Clia
Clia is strong-willed young girl who lives in the protagonist’s village and has been friends with the protago-nist ever since they were young. Although she is concerned about his condition, she hands him the journal and sees him off on his journey.

● Ecru
Ecru is a young girl longing to travel. She is also the princess of the Land of Flowers. She disguises herself as a commoner and sneaks into the town to hand a flower of gratitude to one of her attendants. She teaches the protagonist that status and indebtedness are irrelevant in the face of gratitude.

● Sepia
Sepia is a sloppy young man who lives in the Land of No Clocks. The protagonist is his first-ever friend and Sepia tries to convince him to stay. However…

● Street Performing Trio
Camelia (female), the skinny Cobalt (male), and the chubby Ochre (male) make up the trio. They travel around the world to perform. Intrigued by the traveling protagonist, they ask him to help them out for a day.

● 主人公  

● クリア 

● エクル

● セピア

● 大道芸人三人組
  • Author


Ragi Reido
零度 らぎ

Scenario Writer
College of Digital Arts Tokyo
Sophomore, Novels and Scenario Department

専門学校デジタルアーツ東京 ノベルス・シナリオ学科二年

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