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Slow Living (or is it?) of the Wise 大賢者のスロー(?)ライフ

Slow Living (or is it?) of the Wise 大賢者のスロー(?)ライフ


The world is saved from Satan by the Knights. This slapstick comedy with yuri (girls’ love) elements is about a wise woman who wants to live quietly in the remote frontier and a disastrous trouble-prone goddess.


Planning Intention

The theme of this project is the importance of relationships.

Teenage boys are the main audience of this comical fantasy story. The element of yuri (girls’ love) sets it apart from other similar stories, along with upbeat slapstick dialogue between the characters to add a strong comedic effect.
The protagonist never knew the importance of relationships since she was busy fighting against Satan. When a shabby goddess comes into her life, she chases her away because the goddess brings one trouble after another. But when the goddess is gone, the protagonist recognizes a big hole left in her life and recognizes the value of relationships.

The aim is to express the importance of human connection in this age of digitalization through the relationship between the protagonist and her opposite.

When turning this story into a game, high-level user freedom is important. Map searching, requests, and story developments for each character will open up the main story. The ending will vary depending on where the supplemental story leads or how the search progresses, avoiding monotony in the story.






Satan, who once terrorized the humans, was beaten five years ago.

Rosé, the bravest of the Knight Party, is tired of going on harsh battle journeys. She dreams of a quiet life, perhaps with a pet slime to keep her company for the rest of her life.

“Hey, what kind of underwear are you wearing today?” Rouge, a weird goddess from the Summoned Party, yells this at Rosé when she shows up. A self-proclaimed “goddess of girls’ love,” she declares her love for Rosé.

Rouge shatters Rosé’s dream to live in isolation, bringing disruptions day after day.

When Rouge tries to control the weather because she wants a sunny day, it brings water shortage to the village.

When Rouge gets caught up killing beasts, she accidentally wipes out the town’s tourist attraction without a trace.

When Rouge tries to get rid of the beasts, she awakens a huge pack of hibernating beasts.

On top of all this, Blanc and Noir, Rosé’s former rivals, show up in front of Rosé chasing after Rouge. Completely exhausted from the threesome’s turmoil, Rosé throws the three out.

A peaceful life finally arrives for Rosé. But she reminisces about her formerly chaotic yet exciting life, now feeling bored with uneventful days.

Just as Rosé thinks she wants Rouge back into her life, a boy named Verde shows up who declares himself as “the successor of Satan.” Verde attacks Rosé who was one of the Knights who took down Satan.

When Rosé looks to be at an absolute disadvantage, Rouge comes back to help. Rosé accepts Rouge’s desire to be together and they stand up against Verde. 

After knocking Verde down, Rouge is allowed to stay as a servant dressed up in a maid’s costume in Rosé’s house to make up for the disturbance she caused on Rosé’s quiet life.

It looks like all the dust is settled, but as Rouge is still Rouge, her silliness never changes. Eventually Blanc and Noir also move in. Rosé now deeply regrets taking Rouge back in.








Characters(name, age, background)

Main characters
○ Rosé: Protagonist. The bravest of the Knight Party but she is tired of going on harsh battle journeys. She dreams of a calm life, away from all the hustle and bustle, but she always ends helping other people. The tips of her long gray hair are light pink. She likes to dress casually in subdued colors contrasting with her hair color.
○ Rouge: Heroine, a self-proclaimed “goddess of girls’ love.” She invites herself to live with Rosé, who is trying to lead a quiet life. But wherever Rouge is, there is always trouble. She is all the more hopeless in that disasters occur despite her innocent intentions. Her medium-length hair is a bold red. She usually dresses in a red gown to match with her hair color.

Enemies and supporting characters
○ Blanc: Supporting character. Noir’s twin sister. When they were in heaven, she was always forced to clean up after Rogue’s mess. Her serious personality does not approve of Rogue’s unconventional behavior.
○ Noir: Supporting character. Blanc’s twin sister. Like Blanc, she was a victim of Rouge. She doesn’t speak her mind and normally supports whatever Blanc says or does.
○ Verde: Arch-enemy. The son of the fallen Satan. He rounds up various beasts in order to rebuild the Satan Army, but his lack of charisma only leads to a number of unsuccessful attempts. He has enormous power, but his mind is weak and he cries a lot.







  • Author


Kanon Aoi
蒼井 華音

The OCA Osaka College of Design and IT
Manga, Animation, Light Novel and Story Writing Major


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