Story outline

Kingdom of Slugs なめくじの王国

Kingdom of Slugs なめくじの王国


An adventurer finds himself lost in the Kingdom of Slugs. He has to fight the slugs to protect humanity.


Planning Intention

I wanted to evoke a sense in audiences that there may be societies we don’t know about in unfamiliar places around the world. I chose slugs because we don’t normally see them aboveground. In the story, they have their own affairs and act accordingly. The narrative revolves around a protagonist who explores a number of unique communities that exist in their own ways.



Oblate is a disc-shaped world, and it is believed that “if you keep going straight, you’ll reach the edge.”

While exploring a cave, an adventurer named Arthur tumbles deep into a huge orifice. He makes his way out of the hole to find himself on the other side of Oblate—the Kingdom of Slugs. The territory is populated by gigantic talking slugs that measure up to a meter in length. Arthur finds out that some humans who used to live on the other side, Upper Oblate, were captured by the slugs. His mission is to fight the slugs and free the captives. The slugs use weapons and magic just like humans, but Arthur manages to overpower them. He then encounters King Brave Slug, the king of all Human Slugs. Arthur discovers the reason why the slugs had captured people― the Human Slugs had been building up their artillery to prepare for an onslaught from a race called the Monster Slugs. They captured humans to steal their technology. 

After a fierce battle, Arthur defeats King Brave Slug and sets the captives free. However, the place is suddenly flooded by an army of slugs that look like demons and dragons―the Monster Slugs have arrived. In the midst of battle, Arthur uncovers their plot to take over both sides of Oblate.

He heads to the Kingdom of Elemental Slugs to seek help. Their king, God Slug, already knows about Arthur. Arthur is put to the test; he is asked to fight slugs gifted with the Power of Nature. He successfully passes the trial and meets God Slug, who tells him the truth about the past. Long ago, there existed the Evolutionary Gem, a huge crystal that sped up the evolutionary process in surrounding creatures during times of conflict. These crystals gave the past human race extraordinarily high intelligence, which they used to drive other creatures to extinction. The advanced human race moved to Upper Oblate, leaving the Evolutionary Gem sealed behind. The race created artificial creatures, the Slugs, to protect the gem before they chose to annihilate themselves. However, with the passage of time, the Slugs had forgotten their original mission and the king of the Monster Slugs, Satan Slug, had broken the seal on the Evolutionary Gem. Arthur is then assigned the task of resealing the gem and is entrusted with the Power of Nature. He strides back to the Kingdom of Monster Slugs, defeats Satan Slug, and seals the Evolutionary Gem deep into the ocean.


Characters(name, age, background)

Arthur: Arthur is a 20-year-old adventurer who loves exploring ruins and caves to excavate valuable re-sources. He is easygoing but has a strong sense of responsibility.

King Brave Slug: Brave Slug is about 100 years old. He is the king of Human Slugs. He’s brave and intel-ligent. Although he has a decisive personality, he can be indecisive when it comes to making choices for himself.

God Slug: He is around 10,000 years old and the king of the Elemental Slugs. God Slug is mostly devoid of emotion and focused on his mission.

Satan Slug: He is the king of the Monster Slugs and is about 300 years old. Cunning and ambitious, this brutal slug killed his own father to take over the throne.




  • Author


Yuki Utsunomiya
宇都宮 悠輝

Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology, School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Majoring in Open Systems Management


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