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Heartbreak Hero 失恋ヒーロー

Heartbreak Hero 失恋ヒーロー


A superhero squadron member is dumped by his girlfriend. In desperation, he asks out a member of an enemy organization. His fellow superheroes as well as members of the enemy group get involved, causing plenty of chaos. Yet somehow, everything turns out fine in the end.


Planning Intention

・ A romantic comedy taking place in a world with superheroes
→ A romantic comedy packed with some bonus action. It collectively draws audiences interested in superhero stories and rom-coms.

・An exciting rom-com with a desperate guy and a naïve girl. The story is further enhanced by the antics of supporting characters.
→ In addition to the slapstick humor provided by the main characters, the antics of the supporting characters also add to the comedic element.

・A light piece that can be enjoyed without racking your brains.
→ Animations have been received well by general audiences in recent times. This piece, with its simple structure, is also suitable for general audiences (if it is turned into an animation).

→ アクションはおまけでラブコメが主軸。ヒーローものが好きな層とラブコメ好きな層の興味を一度に引く

→ 主人公とヒロイン当人たちのドタバタなラブコメは勿論、周りのお互いの仲間たちが振り回されるコメディ要素を更に重ねる

→ 近年のアニメ作品の一般層への浸透により、単純な要素で構成された本作も一般層を取り込める可能性(アニメ映像化の場合)


The protagonist is a superhero who is hiding his true identity from everyone. His girlfriend thinks he’s unemployed, so she dumps him. Seeing him depressed, his friends give him a pair of tickets to the amusement park so that he can find someone new. Right then, they are informed that a team of villains is rampaging throughout the town.

Although it’s his duty to protect the town, the protagonist is desperate for love. He invites the leader of the enemy group, the heroine, on a date. The innocent heroine is stunned by his offer. Just as rubble from a broken building is about to fall on her, she is saved just in time by the protagonist. In return for saving her life, she decides to give him the green light for a date.

Although the protagonist is delighted, his friends sense danger and decide to follow him on his date. The heroine’s accomplices decide to do the same. The two groups following them, constantly tampering with their plans and end up preventing them from getting on the attractions they want to try out. Despite that, the pair gets closer― they have fun on the children’s go-karts and buy matching bear-shaped keychains.

However, more meddling causes the heroine’s keychain to fall into the mud. She gets upset, and the protagonist realizes that something fishy is going on. They both call their friends and hear their friends’ cell phones ringing nearby. They finally catch the culprits.

In anger, the protagonist transforms, and together with help from the heroine, he attacks the meddlers. Afterwards, he gives his own keychain to the heroine to replace the one that fell into the mud. They decide to meet a second time to make up for the ruined date.






Characters(name, age, background)

・ Taigo Akashi (22)
The passionate protagonist. He’s dense, impulsive, and emotional.
・ Aylmer (19)
The heroine. She’s well-bred, innocent, and naïve.
・ Sota Aoki (23)
The squadron’s commander. He’s a cool guy with a sharp tongue.
・ Mirai Kizaki (22)
Sota’s girlfriend. She’s innocent and friendly.
・ Jack (40)
He’s a typical villain but has a soft spot for Aylmer.
・ Samurai Blade (33)
A silent soldier. He’s a master sword fighter.






  • Author


Yuta Hoshino
星野 佑太

Third-year student at Tokyo University of Technology, School of Media Science

東京工科大学メディア学部 2016年度入学生

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