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The Seven of the Miniature Garden 箱庭のⅦ

The Seven of the Miniature Garden 箱庭のⅦ


A story of an underdog who plays the game with all his might to prove himself.


Planning Intention

The players are to experience what characters go through in terms of relationships and the eventual endings they meet in scenarios set in a miniature garden.

Action, puzzle, and RPG (role-playing game) scenarios from various genres can be added to the game. The ED (ending demonstration) will vary depending on the selection made or routes taken, such as each character’s ED, Harem ED or BAD ED (bad ending demonstration).

The story’s time frame is expected to be about one month.
It is better not to extend further so that players to feel attached both to the story and to the characters by playing the game repeatedly. Seasonal events can be added to the scenario to make the school setting real.

The protagonist is set as a male, but if the story were to be made for female players, the protagonist can be a female while all the other characters are male. If the game is for male players, all the other characters can be changed to female.
















※ 世界観はファンタジックな現実世界をイメージ。魔法などはないが、そう言ったものがあるんじゃないのか?とプレイヤーに思わせるような、日常から一歩ずれた非日常的世界観。

※ マルチEDを想定しているので、結末は複数(敗北したり、逃走したり)。


This is a story of a boy who has nothing earns one thing in the end.

How does he do it? The boy is at a school in a miniature garden with the “Eternal Stove,” which can grant wishes. It keeps on burning by taking in people’s fortune and misfortune. The boy’s name is Nero. He possesses nothing but his own name. He accidentally gets involved with the “Numbers Game,” which is called a “De-gassing Process” of the stove.

Seven participants fight for numbers in the “Rule Field,” a simple game where you win if you seize the number engraved onto the opponent by using whatever methods you have. Obtaining the number means seizing the heart or the spirit of the competitor. Once you are given a number, you are not allowed to leave the field. You snatch the heart or yours is snatched first.

Nero, who has nothing but the name, is given the number VII. In order to prove himself that he is the chosen one, he throws himself into playing the game.

※ It is a fantasy world with realistic images. There is no magic involved, but players will be mystified by strange and inexplicable events.

※ As multiple ED is assumed, the ending varies, including losing, or running away. 

The main scenario is that the protagonist Nero keeps on winning, but he realizes that what he really wants and what really matters is what he always had in his hand. He then leaves the school in the miniature garden.

Characters(name, age, background)

おおよそのイメージです。繰り返しとなり恐縮ですが、現状は主人公を男性と据えていますが 、女性向け作品にするのであれば主人公は女性に、他キャラクターは男性オンリーにも変更できます。ただ、それぞれのキャラが持つ役割は性別が変更されても変わらないのでよろしくお願いいたします。






白凰院 菫子・蘭子



This is a rough idea. The current protagonist is a male but if the game is for female players, the protagonist can be a female while all the other characters being male. The role of each character doesn’t change one way or another.

<Protagonist> Number VII
He is rather gruff and distant. He started the game well aware that he is a kid with no power.
He knows he will do anything in order to win, but deep in his heart, he resents that feeling. He is actually kind-hearted. He doesn’t respect nor trust the “Teacher” who raised him. Aira, who is given the number V, is the only one from the same hometown who grew up with him. Nero thinks Tokiya is his friend, but he doesn’t admit it to Tokiya.

<Heroine and partner of the protagonist> Number V
The “Teacher,” whom Aira respects, raised her and Nero who is from the same hometown. She comes across as aggressive and loud, but she actually has a gentle soul. She enters the game because the “Teacher” told her to, but she herself doesn’t have any particular wishes. She just wanted Nero to find out his parents. Soon after the game starts, Nero snatches her number, but instead of getting depressed, Aira becomes Nero’s partner saying, “You took my precious number, so you must win.”

<Friend and final boss> Number Zero
Ever since Nero rescued him from bullies, he follows Nero everywhere.
He has a rather quiet and vague personality and acts like he doesn’t know anything about the game, but the truth is, he was actually the winner of the previous round. With his twisted mind that enjoys watching people get desperate, he set up the “Numbers Game” this time around.
Although Tokiya is cruel to Nero by saying, “You are created for me. I can treat you however I like,” he was the only friend Nero ever had.

<The top brass of the school and the protagonist’s should-have-been rival > Number I
He is the eldest son of the senior board members that control the school, Touo Academy. He’s been groomed to be the ruler since he was a boy and he himself has a clear intention of being one. He is arrogant and condescending with absolute belief in his own ability. He is the president of the student body and governs autonomously, which makes him a terrifying presence among students.
Even Dio’s appearance alone makes everyone kowtow to him as the king of the king of the miniature garden. But perhaps he knew too little of what was happening under his very nose. He will end up losing to someone lesser.

<Attendant to the ruler, someone who’s been robbed of everything> Number II
He is born to be an attendant to Dio, without any mental or physical freedom. Provoked by Tokiya, however, he ends up killing Dio in the game. He is like a version of who Nero could have been.

<The Haves> Number III and IV
Sumireko and Ranko Hakuhoin
A boy-girl twin who participate in the game because of their childish wish of having a world of their own. They have everything Nero doesn’t have, a family to go home to and friends. But they are perhaps too immature to realize that true happiness was right there with them. They are eventually beaten by Nero.

<The mirror image of the protagonist> Number VI
He is the most wicked of all, the complete opposite of Nero. Through fighting with Kotowari, Nero starts to doubt his own reasoning for participating in the game.

<The adult, the system>
The Teacher
Both Nero and Aira know him as “Teacher.” He is the guide to the game. He works at the “Eternal Stove” but the details are unknown. He is a faceless character, like someone indistinguishable in a crowd.
  • Author


Akiko Aikawa for game creator
Akiko Mare for animation and comic creator
相川 暁子(ゲーム製作時)
希 暁子(アニメ・コミックスなど製作時)

Japan Game ScenarioWriters Association
Scenario writer and voice actor


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